Yes, You Can Build a Boat Videos

Do You Have the Skills?

Building Flat Bottom Boats

Building V-Bottom Boats

Boat Building Tools

Boat Building Fasteners

Boat Study Prints and Boat Loading

Boat Power and Outboard Shafts

Boat Building Materials

Homebuilt Boats Decks, Seats and Cabins

Inboards, Outboards, Transoms and Wells

Boat Plans and Plan Modifications

Which Boat is Right for You?

Flotation for Home Built Boats

Fiberglassing Boats

Ply-on-Frame or Stitch-and-Glue

Boat Building Adhesives

Outboard Shaft Lengths

Fitting the Chine Log

Building the Frames

Adding Strakes, Keels and Runners

Boatbuilding Videos

Boat Building Videos

Please send in your videos from construction, launch or just regular use. I love seeing them and will use them to promote my designs, and credit you of course.

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