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Saturday June 12, 2021

Ross Continues His Intercoastal Adventure in a Carolinian Dory

After spending a half-year delay after losing his grandfather, Ross' adventure continues down the Eastern Intercoastal Waterway from Hudson, New York to Florida. This duplicated the same trip his grandfather made 65 years ago. Here's what he just posted in his blog:

June 13th 2021 is the day all the hard work and planning will come to fruition. Long setbacks are past and adventure awaits. I'm traveling from New York to Florida (recreating the trip my Grandpa took in his teens) in my 18' homemade wooden boat. The boat is a Carolinian dory designed by Jeff Spira.

Last year, on September 1st 2020, I launched the boat with the same goal I have now: Make it to Florida and recreate my Grandfather's teenage adventure but our trip would be interrupted. My Dad and I started in Hudson, NY on the Hudson river and traveled south to Manasquan NJ when we learned my Grandpa had passed unexpectedly. The trip then had to be postponed and now, many months later, we take to the very water we left off, Manasquan NJ, to continue our journey south in Grandpa Jerry's remembrance.

My Grandpa did the trip when he was 16 in 1956 with three other friends on a modified coastguard life boat they named "Le Quatuor" (meaning foursome in French). I named my boat "Quatuor II" after his boat.

I've been charging camera and drone batteries and sorting all necessary essentials in preparation - fingers crossed I don't forget anything.

Some basic details about the boat: Ply on frame construction using 2x4's and 1/2" marine grade plywood with 2-6 layers (transom and bow have more) of six ounce fiberglass cloth filled in with West Systems epoxy. The deck of the boat is also fiberglassed. It has a 50hp Suzuki outboard which burns about 2.5 to 3 gallons an hour when on plane at about 18 knts.

The First leg of Ross' trip can be found here:

Ross' Blog Page is here:

Ross Carolinian Dory Wood Boat Plans

Ross Carolinian Dory Wooden Boat Plans

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Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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