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Sunday May 23, 2021

Matt Bittingham Launches his Carolinian Dory in Delaware

Matt Bittingham sent me his review and these pictures of his Carolinian Dory:

Hey Jeff,
I bought your plans about 5 years ago and took a while to actually build it with hot summers and cold winters. I finished last spring 2020. I've got a 40hp 2 stroke that will push 2 people with gear just over 30 mph WOT. By myself it's hard to get to WOT with the 40. I see why you recommend the 25, LOL. The only thing I want to modify is to add some custom floation pods to the back for plaining and stability. I had to add a dol-fin to help plain and just switched to a 4 blade prop. It seems to help jump her up. I haven't GPS'ed the speed difference but probably lost a little top end which really isn't needed..

It's a great little bay boat. I fish Rehoboth Bay in DE and Indian River inlet. It can run at speed in less then a foot of water. It can get you a little wet in 1.5 ft sloppy bay chop, but they make gear for that. Over all. it's a great little boat. I would recommend electric tilt motor if going with anything bigger than a 25hp. It makes a world of difference. When I would look up speed and stuff online, most people haven't posted much. I wanted to let people know the speed with the 40hp.

Otherwise I love it. I've caught a couple hundred striped bass, flounder and bluefish last year. I had it the water for 6 months straight - no issues!.

Matt Brittingham

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Boatbuilding Pictures

Boat Building Photos

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