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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Jack Porter Launches his Seneca Pacific Power Dory in California

Jack Porter just finished and launched this Seneca Pacific Power dory in Newport Beach. He enlarged it a bit and I think he did a great job in it. I love the Redwood deck, too! Here's some of what he had to say about it:

Hey Jeff,
This Monday I finally launched my Seneca in Newport Beach. She took me 9 months to complete and I enjoyed every minute of the build.

During the build numerous people had expressed their opinion on flat bottom boats and how it's "not suited for ocean work"... These people are just dead wrong. I had her cruising along a mile off shore with no problems whatsoever. As long as you are confident in your skills and you keep your trips within reason I have no problem using this boat for coastal ocean fishing.

As for the construction: All birch framing and ply. All stainless fasteners. Mahogany keelson and rubrails. Redwood deck. 1988 Suzuki 25Hp two stroke. Jade green paint.

Thanks for your help along the way. It really was a great project.

Jack Porter

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