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Monday, April 19, 2021

Rafa Cuello Hudson Skiff Report from Argentina

Rafa Cuello built this 15' Hudson Skiff in Argentina about 5 months ago. He sent me this letter about its performance:

Hi Jeff,
Its been 5 months since I first launched the Hudson, and I have use it a lot since, and i want to share with you my experience.

The first day with we were afraid it could flip, we felt it was kind of unstable sideways. We were like, carefull while you move to the side and like that. That was so far from reality. It cant be more stable.

That day we said it can be only use with good weather, another mistake. The third time it was calm in the morning , then it got really windy, 33 knots. We were like 10 miles away from port. We had to cross the lake through the middle, big waves from the port side of the bow (considering its a lake with 10 feet depth). My father in law was sitting in the bow, over it, and that day the Hudson amazed us. Fiberglass boats bump over the waves, but the Hudson, opens it way through them, cutting the water, not even one bump, like an ice braker.

From that day on, we love it, and we have full confidence on it. I made it for heavy use, and its perfect for it. We even load wood for the camp fire.

The fact that it runs with an 8 hp is great. I can run it all day with 4 gallons of gas, with my rigid inflatable boat wich has a 50 hp It takes 20+ gallons every fishing day. The max speed I could get it to go was 10 mph which is more than I need.

Anyway, i am in love with it, and I am using it a lot. I send you some pics of it really loaded, and a link to a video of it yesterday at the lake, with no wind at all (not good for fishing). I promise to film it under heavy weather next time.

I want to really thank you Jeff, cruising and fishing on a boat that I build by myself its something unique, hard to explain,


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