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Friday, December 11, 2020

More Pictures and a Description of Fred Carr-Smith's Ensenada Panga Build

Fred Carr-Smith sent me these additional pictures of his Ensenada Panga. Here's what he said in his email:

Hi Jeff,
It was a pleasure to build this Ensenada Panga, and it saw me through lockdown. It took 5 months of easy work, as much or as little each day I wanted to work. Think it could have been done in 2 months working steadily. My active boating days are over due to arthritus and dicky hips. So when I finished it I put it on ebay and was inundated with requests to build boats for people or refit what they had. It sold very quickly to a guy in Norfolk whose job in life it to inspect boats and give them the CE mark, so he new what he was getting.

A lot of people said how clever I was but I always answered, "The clever guy was the one that designed it, in such an easy way for me to build it." It is undeniably a pretty boat, Jeff and that's all down to you. I just stuck the bits of wood together. Isn't epoxy marvelous? The only thing I would change is the steering console. It is just a tad too big and some of the angles are wrong. Hindsight is a wonderful gift, if we had it.


Fred did a great job, and obviously selected some great lumber for his build.

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Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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Boatbuilding Pictures

Boat Building Photos

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