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Sunday, September 15, 2019

James Auvil Launches his Hatteras V-Bottom Carolina Dory

James Auvil just launched his recently completed 19' Hatteras V-Bottom Carolina Dory in Maryland. He did such a nice job on it. Here's what he wrote to me:

Hi Jeff,
In February 2017, I began building this boat in my garage. After two and a half years of work, I completed my 19.5 foot V-Bottom Hatteras Carolina Dory and launched it on Friday, 26 Jul 2019 on the Bush River which empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

The early concept was to build a no-frills working boat for fishing and crabbing. As I began working on the gunwales, I created a pattern using white oak and cherry and it came out so beautiful that I had to keep going. By the time I finished, it was a work of art. It's not quite a piece of "floating furniture" but it did come out much nicer than I originally planned.

I named the boat "Shibui" which roughly translates to beauty derived from imperfection. The wood working isn't perfect, but to me that adds value as it's clear this was hand-made boat and not mass-produced. If anyone suffers from low self-esteem, I recommend building a boat like this.

I get compliments every time I take it out on the water and even had a police officer follow me until I stopped so he could get out of his car and ask about the boat. He took pictures!


Hatteras V-Bottom Carolina Dory boat plans

Hatteras V-Bottom Carolina Dory boat plans

Hatteras V-Bottom Carolina Dory boat plans

More information, plans ordering information, and free downloadable study plans of this boat may be found at: 19' Hatteras V-Bottom Carolina Dory Boat Plans.

Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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