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Monday, February 5, 2018

Albion Power Dory for Commercial Fishing

Bennet Norman just sent me some pictures of his Albion. He uses it for commercial fishing. He said:

I'm sending you a few pictures of my Albion working as a commercial boat along with showing what kind of load it can hold. It sure is a great design. I really appreciate it with the jet drive on it. We're running about 4 inches of water. It even got me in trouble one time - had to wait for the tide to rise for a couple hours. It sure is a great hull. I have to credit the boat to a better fishing season for us. We almost doubled our catch volume from 2016.

The first picture is in night that we had it loaded down to 2,800 pounds and had a 3 hour trip in with a hard SW wind 35 mph steady along with rain. The third picture is about 2400 lb that we caught in the ocean and not only that had to come in through the bar to the inside to get in safe waters. It handles the seas great. The last picture is about 1500 lb loaded on one side.

The box that you seen the center is a removable fish cooler I built. It holds about 1,500 pounds with the lid shut. The hull planes so easy that I can fill that box up, have two people on the boat, along with both fuel tanks full, which is about 55 gallons, and still get up on plane in shallow water.

(I added the last picture to show you what the boat looks like empty.)

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Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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