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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lynn Leksell's Oysterman Carolina Dory

Lynn Leksell recently completed this Oysterman Carolina dory. He posted this in my Boatbuilding Facebook group:

Hi Jeff,
Here's the Oysterman I built from your plans. I chose this design to be easy to launch and to exercise six or seven outboard motors that I had. I had a lot of materials on hand, so I invested less than $500 dollars total. The frames were lumberyard 2x4's, bottom 1/2" MDO. and the sides 1/4" AB fir plywood. I fastened with Gorilla Glue and Epoxy and stainless screws.
The boat performs well with 25hp, I was surprised to find it can use more horse power than I expected. It's a pretty boat, I get stopped a lot by larger boat ownerss wondering where I got it. I tell them I built it with one hand (I lost my right hand in a farm accident 45 years ago.)
I really enjoy the boat. Building a boat was on my bucket list (every one should do it once.) Thanks for the great design.
Lynn Leksell

Oysterman Carolina dory Wooden Boat Plans

Oysterman Carolina dory Wood Boat Plans

Lynn did a great job, especially with only one hand!

More information and access to free study prints, and links to purchase the plans for the 16' Oysterman Carolina Dory Boat plans may be downloaded at: 16' Oysterman Carolina Dory Boat plans.

Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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Boat Building Photos

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