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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard in Australia

I received these photos of Andrew Russell's Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard recently:

Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard Wood Boat Plans

Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard Wooden Boat Plans

Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard Plywood Boat Plans

Here's Andrew's email to me:

Dear Jeff

My son and I have just completed and successfully tested a SUP build from your plans. Thanks very much for your work in design and making available excellent plans for what has turned out to be a very enjoyable build.

We learned a lot on the way and were glad to have even limited experience of building a prior rowing boat prior to tackling the sup. Your plans were easy to use and were exactly as described - no experience necessary and easy to make on weekends. We decided to add floatation foam for extra buoyancy and were glad of it in the end. Although our experience on sups is limited to some holiday tryouts, we were impressed with the stability and easy glide through the water. The last time I was on a sup, I broke a couple of ribs falling onto the board and was worried that it would be a folly to build my own, but we are very pleased with the results. It's not just for the inexperienced boat builder but also pretty good for the inexperienced paddler!

We tested the sup on Lake Kawongbah in Queensland, Australia - your plans are really international! I have attached a few photos for your perusal.

Many thanks and we can't wait for the next fine weekend to glide on the water again!

Andrew Russell

I'm very happy that Andrew likes the glide of the boat. I designed this to be a flat water cruiser rather than a surfboard. It just makes more sense based on what most of them are used for. Let me know if anyone wants a Fly-Fishing or Yoga version. I'm thinking of a new model.

Free study prints and more information is available at: Bolsa Chica Stand-Up Paddleboard Boat Plans.

Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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