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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Boweyes for Spira International Boats

This topic has come up on both my Facebook Boat Building page and in some emails, so I thought I'd make this post to assist others in this issue. Boweyes for using to pull the boats aboard a trailer, only come in 6" maximum lengths in marine supply catalogs, and so on. Many of my boats use 2x8s so the boweye needs to be 8-1/2 or 9 inches long for many of my boats. I generally recommend using ring nuts and allthread rod for this purpose. McMaster Carr offers these in 316 stainless (best for ocean water) and also in Galvanized steel (OK for fresh water boats when you want to save some money.) Here's the ones they offer. The 3/8ths is fine for most of my boats. Cap the inside with a 3/8-16 hex nut and flat washer. The nut and washer need to be of the same material (316 Stainless, or Galvanized) if you expect it to last. Here's McMaster's listings:

Boweyes for Spira International Boats

trailer rings for Spira International Boats

Here's McMaster Carr's website: They're a great supplier for all sorts of components.

Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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