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Friday, February 12, 2016

New Seneca Pacific Dory Launched in Australia

I just received this email and photos of a Seneca in Coorong National Park, South Australia.

Hey Jeff,

This is a great design. Only took 3 months to build for an hour or so a night. It's light and manoeuvrable, and with an 18hp and a family on board, it cruises at 20mph. Where we live the water is very shallow (often only a couple of feet) so the flat bottom works perfectly. Thanks again for a great design!!!

Chris Topher

Seneca Pacific Power Dory Free Boat Plans

Nice job, Chris.

More information, free downloadable study prints and links to purchase these plans may be found at: Seneca Pacific Dory Boat Plans.

Jeff Spira, Naval Architect, marine engineer and boat designer

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Boatbuilding Pictures

Boat Building Photos

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