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I've been compiling this blog of boatbuilding tips and tricks, plus launchings and in-progress boatbuilding projects for over five years now. The vast majority of the questions I receive by email have already been asked by someone else, so if you take the time to read through the archives, you'll probably run across many the questions you may already have plus find answers to questions you haven't thought of yet. You also get a chance to look through many of the projects that others are building. I try to include as many of the photos I receive from builders as well, some from facebook pages.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New 19' Albion Pacific Power Dory Coming Together in Alaska

I just received this email:

Hi Jeff,
Just thought I would send you a couple pics of my Albion project so far. I started it with my buddy early last April after ski season. I work out of town for 4 to 9 days at a time so construction has been slow, but she is really starting to shape up right now. As you can see from the pics, work space is extremely tight and work is some times cold and unpleasant here in southeast ak, but if I waited until I could afford a heated work space, the boat would never have even gotten started. It's been a really fun process so far and the closer to completion she gets, the more stoked I am on the work. Thanks for the plans and all the pics on your website - sometimes seeing somebody else's project coming together is the motivation I need.
- C.W.G., Alaska

easy-to-build wood boat plans

easy-to-build wooden boat plans

Nice, CW! Looks like you're doing a great job, and come spring, you should be all ready for the Salmon runs. If you can build a boat outdoors in Alaska in the winter, those down here in the lower 48 should have no excuses.

Here's a link to the Albion Information page: 19' Albion Pacific Power Dory Easy Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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Boatbuilding Pictures

Boat Building Photos

Please don't be embarrassed to send in photos of your projects. I get a lot of emails from people who tell me about their build but never send any pictures. I'd love to see them, as would all of the other people who are either building a boat or thinking about it. They need all the encouragement they can get.

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