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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Foam Flotation for Framed Boats

You can foam between the hull and deck on these boats to give them that famous "sawn in half and they still float" safety factor. This is a Carolinian.

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You first saturate the inside of the hull with epoxy resin, let it cure then fill with 2-part polyurethane pour foam. You mix the two liquids together, pour it into the space and it foams up all by itself. Be sure to not pour it in a confined space because the foaming pressure can sometimes split open closed volumes as the foam expands. Once it cures you can trim it so that your decking will be able to be attached to the framing. You can find the 2-part self expanding pour foam everywhere but here is a good online source: Aeromarine Epoxy, Fiberglass, and Foam.

The U.S. Coast Guard Safety Standards for Backyard Boat Builders publication gives some excellent reference materials for you to figure out how much foam and where it is best to use it on your boat. You can download it for free from the main site at: Free Boat Building Information.

- Jeff

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