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Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Homebuilt Juneau Dory

This email came in just yesterday:

Dear Jeff,

Let me first thank you for such a wonderful website with such great designs. I just finished building a Juneau from your design. It has been a few years since I originally purchased the plans, but I recently dusted them off and built the boat in about a month. I also built the oars out of a straight 2 x 4 and some 1 x 3 pine planed down for the blades. I couldn't be happier! It rows so easily, even when loaded down with extra people and fishing gear! I've been busy using up every spare afternoon to explore the backwaters of the Upper St. Johns River on the east coast of Florida, and the mangrove swamps of the Indian River Lagoon. I've attached a few photos of the finished product.

Everyone stops me and asks about the design - we don't see too many dories down here!

Thanks again for the great website and plans! I can't wait to get started on another boat.....maybe an Oysterman????

Best regards,

Ben DiBiase
Cocoa, FL

easy-to-build wood boat plans

easy-to-build wooden boat plans

Nice job there Ben. Thank you for the great pictures. Bet you're happy you finally built it. Fun isn't it?

Here's the Juneau Info Page: Juneau Grand Banks Dory Easy-to-Build Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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