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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recently Completed Glousterman Rowing Dory

At about 50 lbs, the Glousterman dory is a very easy to build, very portable, rowing dory able to be easily hoisted on top of a car or RV by one person, yet will haul 500 lbs with ease.

I just received this picture and email:

Your Glousterman dory, built from your plans is a real hit. It's very nice looking and works well. I put it in the water today. It is built from three sixteenth lauan.
I tried it out today and it does real good. I'm very happy.
- Winston

Glousterman Rowing Dory Wooden boat plans

Glousterman Rowing Dory Wood boat plans

More info about the boat can be found at: Glousterman Rowing Dory Easy-to-Build Boat Plans.

- Jeff