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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boothbay Mini-Dory Just Completed from Free Boat Plans

Just received this email all the way from Crow's Nest Australia:

Hey Jeff,
As requested on the web site, please find attached some photos of my attempt at a Booth bay. It was a practice project before building the Mission Bay as a car topper. It was worthwhile too, because I learned a heap about using resin and epoxy putty. She is made of 4mm (3/16) epoxy soaked ply and weighs 21Kg (46lb). Mostly it will be used on a farm dam.
Thank you very much for putting those plans up for free, it really is worthwhile.
Ross Plant

Boothbay Mini-Dory Free Wooden Boat Plans

Boothbay Mini-Dory Free Wood Boat Plans

Very nice job, there Ross! You should say "success" not just "attempt." I like the name of your town too!

Here's more info on the Boothbay plans: Boothbay Mini-Dory Free Boat Plans.

- Jeff