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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini Miss Project Complete and Fishing

I got this email recently:

Hi Jeff

I just wanted to Send a picture of our Mini Miss that we completed in December. This project was my daughters idea from start to finish. She loves to work out in our shop and is always wanting to build something. While I am pretty good with mechanical things, I have no ability whatsoever when it comes to building from scratch with wood. As you can see, we did manage to complete our project, with a great set of plans and the information available on your website. We had a lot of fun building this and a lot more playing with it. Our family has had great times together with this boat.

Thank you
Marc Leach

easy-to-build wood boat plans

Wow Marc. You guys did a great job and you shoud be very proud of your daughter. I predict your she'll go far. Obviously she goes after what she wants, and follows through.

Here's a link to the Mini Miss Information page: 7' Mini Miss Stitch and Glue Boat Plans Information

- Jeff

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