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Monday, August 20, 2012

Setting Up Frames on Strongbacks

I get this question on occasion and thought I'd answer it here for others that may be wondering how to accomplish this task.

I'm rather vague when describing how to attach the frames to the strongback when you're building a boat. There are many acceptable methods, but some are easier than others. I tend to be a minimalist, that is, I just use 3" or 4" long finishing nails and toenail the frames into blocks that I attach to the strongback. Some others create fancy setup blocks that don't even require that you fasten the frame to the strongback. These are fine and though a bit more work probably result in a more accurate job. Here are some photos of the various blocking methods some of my customers have shared with me:

easy-to-build wooden boat plans

easy-to-build wood boat plans

free boat plans

I love getting your project pictures, too, so keep them coming!

- Jeff

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