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Monday, August 13, 2012

15 Year Old's Seneca Power Dory Project

This email and these pictures just arrived:


I thought you might like to see Christopher's boat thus far. As a dad I am proud of his endeavor. He has never undertaken anything like this before. We plan to fiberglass and epoxy this week. This is new for all of us. He has gotten frustrated at times but has figured things out even when having to do things over. He has paid all the expenses and done all the work. Thank you for the plans and hope the pictures encourage any 15, now 16 year old building one of your boats.

Please offer any comments.


Rodney Stewart (A proud dad)

Seneca Pacific Power Dory easy-to-build wooden boat plans

Seneca Pacific Power Dory easy-to-build wood boat plans

Seneca Pacific Power Dory easy-to-build free boat plans

OK Rodney, Here's my honest opinion: That's absolutely one of the nicest Senecas I've ever seen! You should be proud of Christopher because he's done a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing it in the water!

Here's the Seneca Info Page: Seneca Pacific Power Dory Easy-to-Build Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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