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Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Tillamook Now Wet in Oregon

I just received this email:

We launched her in the Willamette River today. She runs like a dream, well-behaved for the tiller. I built her out with a fairly heavy interior--a big locker midships, and a bow seat with an anchor locker--and even with three big guys on board, she hopped up on step without hesitation and scooted right along with an old 25-hp Mariner. I could not be happier with her. Note that this is a work-boat finish, true to my roots, with house paint and deck stain. We were joined for the christening by a stranger and his son who came over to compliment her at the ramp, and later, when we stopped downtown for lunch and tied her at the river front, I watched from my table as a group of people stopped to take photos of her.
Thanks again, Jeff.

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Here's the Tillamook Info Page: Tilamook Pacific Power Dory Easy-to-Build Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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