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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Crawdad Builder's Comments about Construction

This ws posted on my Facebook page:

Flipped and on the trailer. I still need to build some proper bunks for the trailer and finish the inside of the boat, but so far I am into it for about 45 hours and $238 including epoxy and I'll have about a gallon of epoxy leftover. Let me also add that I have done 100% of this project solo without one minute of assistance. I say that to encourage others that the design is simple enough to build without help, even the flip! I'm betting that two guys working together could build one over two weekends easy!

- George S.

Homemade wooden jon boat plans

See! I'm not lying when I say "Easy-To-Build." For more info on this boat: Crawdad Jon Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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