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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Huntington Harbor Kayak for Fishing

I recently received this email and pictures:

Hi Jeff,

I recently completed a 14' version of your Huntington Harbor from the plans offered on your website. I wanted to share some photos and tell you how pleased I was with the outcome, even though I overbuilt it. the design is sound and if I had followed your outline it would have been well within the 50 lb range. Mine weighs in at 94lbs! mainly because I used heavier plywood on the bottom and larger than necessary framing materials. She performs flawlessly on the water and is very stable and well mannered. Thanks for your design and your free materials available at your site.


Jason Johnston

Homebuilt Huntington Harbor Kayak Wood Boat Plans

Home made Huntington Harbor Kayak FREE Boat Plans

Thanks for the pictures Jason. You did an excellent job and it looks like you're having a fun time with it.

Here's Huntington Harbor Kayak info page: Huntington Harbor Kayak Free Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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