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Monday, July 2, 2012

New Hatteras Launched in the Canadian Maritimes

Just received this very touching email that I thought everyone would enjoy:

Here are some photos of her…

I may not have mentioned but this was a father son project and I have named it after my 6 year old daughter, Laura Dawn’s LegaSea…

Again I cannot thank you enough for offering such a product for folks like us to build. I have shared priceless time with my Father and learned skills that you just don’t see in practice very often anymore. My 71 year old father is a very successful business man but grew up in a home with my grandfather who was a carpenter/contractor at a time when you did not go to Home Depot for moldings you made them from raw stock with a plane and chisel. In a twist of faith we were able to use some of my Grandfathers tools in this build and I think it shows in the finished product.

Everyone looks at our boat in amazement with comments like, “Where did you buy that? It looks amazing”, "I cannot believe the finish, it’s perfect." "Wow a V hull Dory. I have never seen anything like that. How did you bend the plywood?"

This will be a family heirloom for generations to come sharing precious family time on the water in something we built together.

Thanks again,

Jason MacDougall

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Jason did a beautiful job, but even more important, has created a family bonding experience that I'm sure his grandchildren will still talk about to their children.

The Canadian Maritimes are incredibly beautiful too. I know boating there is definitely on my bucket list.

Here's the Hatteras info page: 19' Hatteras V-Dory Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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