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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pactola Drift Boat in Argentina

I got this email this morning:

Hi Jeff,
A few years back I asked you for plans for an aluminum drift boat(you didnt have any at the time) and you sent me the Rawson. I built one in plywood first to try it out and It turned out very nice. I have been using it with and without clients guiding in Patagonia Argentina.
I thank you very much for the plans you sent me.

In case you're confused, the Rawson was redone in aluminum since, and I renamed the plywood version the Pactola.

Homebuilt Pactola Drift Boat Wood Boat Plans

Home built Pactola Drift Boat Wooden Boat Plans

Home made Pactola Drift Boat Free Boat Plans

In case you're unfamiliar, Patagonia is the southern part of Argentina, and is somewhat similar to the Pacific Northwest. It has cool weather, mountains littered with pristine trout streams, and a rocky coastline that is as stunning as anywhere in the world. The Argentine food is fantastic, the people as genuine and friendly as anywhere, and overall about as close to a fisherman's paradise as you'll find anywhere.

patagonia fishing paradise

If you get the urge to go fishing there, let me know and I'll send you Dan's email address.

Here's the Pactola info page: 15' Pactola Drift Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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