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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Seneca Pacific Style Dory Just Competed

This Seneca photo was just emailed to me. I'm impressed with the workmanship. It's lots of fun seeing your projects, so if you haven't sent me a picture of your boat built from my plans, please do, even if you think it's rough looking. I've been designing boats for many years now and never tire of seeing and hearing about my customers projects and seeing the happy faces of the kids and grandkids enjoying your home built boats.

Homebuilt Pacific Dory Wooden Boat Plans

The Seneca is a great little dory that can safely handle rough water, carry a big load and is one of the easiest boats to build of any out there. It's attractive, sturdy, safe, efficient, and fun. With only 10-20 horses, you'll be flying through 3' wind chop laughing all the way... ha ha ha.

Here's the Seneca info page: 14' Seneca Pacific Power Dory Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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