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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Yukon Drift Boat Ready for the Water

I received this photo of a recently completed 16' Yukon Drift boat just this morning. This is this builder's first attempt at building a boat. He did a great job on this project and should be proud of his accomplishment. It looks like he also built the homebuilt oars I include as one of the many free extras I include with every easy-to-build boat plan I sell. If you think you'd like to build a boat but are worried you don't have the know-how, don't worry - most builders of my boats have never even seen a boat build - and with a little persistence, they turn out quality work like this:

Homebuilt Drift Boat Wood Boat Plans

Here's the Yukon info page: 16' Yukon Drift Boat Plans.

- Jeff

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