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Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Huntington Harbor Just Completed

I received this email and pictures this morning:

Dear Jeff:

I have just had a great deal of fun over the last 3 weeks building a Huntington Harbor kayak. Thank you for providing the great plans that produce such a nice looking kayak. I made a few changes that have resulted in a weight increase but I believe the changes will extend the life of my kayak such that the grandkids will be enjoying it long after I have gone. I'm a big lump of a bloke and so to strengthen the cockpit floor instead of putting a butt joint in the ply I double skinned all of the cockpit floor which besides adding strength also produces a nice clean floor. Some of the places that we will be going to have quite stony bottoms and so I've added some sacrificial timber to the bottom which have also again strengthened the cockpit floor and possibly also improves the tracking. I also built in some buoyancy by placing bulkheads at both frames.

Having enjoyed building the Huntington Harbor so much I've now decided that I must give this stitch and glue method a go and so I intend to build one of your Arrow Point kayaks next summer.

Many thanks for your great plan,

Jeff Rabone
Adelaide, South Australia

Huntington Harbor Kayak Free Boat Plans

Huntington Harbor Kayak Free Boat Plans

Huntington Harbor Kayak Free Boat Plans

Well, from one big lump of a bloke to another, let me say, you did an excellent job. Great looking boat and obviously excellent craftsmanship!

Here's the Huntington Harbor info page: Huntington Harbor Kayak Boat Plans.

Remember the Huntington Harbor plans are FREE!

- Jeff

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