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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Pactola Drift Boat Recently Completed

This 15' Pactola Drift Boat picture just arrived from Windermere British Columbia. It's the the Rocky Mountains in Eastern BC near the Alberta border, and is known for its fantastic fishing. I was in Calgary on a book signing tour this winter and ates some of the great fresh local fish they have up there. Just amazing. The builder, Darren Ottenbreit has named it. "I've Got a Feeling."

Pactola Drift Boat Wood Boat Plans

Darren is a golf pro at the Copper point Golf Club in Windermere. I've got a feeling, though that this spring there's going to be more fishing going on than golf, though. Well, at least recreational golf. He is a pro after all.

Here's the Pactola info page: 15' Pactola Drift Boat Wooden Boat Plans.

Very nice job there Darren! I like the color scheme.

- Jeff

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