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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New 19' Hatteras Hits the Water

I just received this email from a builder of a 19' Hatteras V-Botton Dory built in Hawaii:

I wanted to thank you for the great boat plans at an inexpensive price. My new 19’ V-Bottom Carolina Dory works awesome out here in Hawaii. The boat definitely turns heads at the boat ramp. Everyone was shocked that the boat moves along at 4 knots with my little 4 stroke 3.5horse mercury kicker motor and when I fire up the 40 horse johnson it hauls ass with 4 big guys over 200lbs. The boat doesn’t pound at all going in and out of the surf in the channel. It definitely shocks the other boaters with the 2 big out boards to see this homemade boat keep up on the way out to the tuna grounds. I never thought I could have a trailer boat in Hawaii for less than $3,000 that would allow me to go off shore and never burn though 10 gallons of gas for a day of trolling.
David Eynon

19' Hatteras V-Botton Dory Wooden Boat Plans

Here's the Hatteras information page: 19' Hatteras V-Botton Dory Wooden Boat Plans

- Jeff

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