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Friday, January 27, 2012

New 20' Caladesi Carolina Dory Build Framing Completed

I designed the Caladesi 8 years ago in 2004 for a builder on the West coast of Florida (Near Caladesi Island) as a bigger Carolina Dory skiff, but smaller than the Key Largo. As far as I know a number have been built but his is the first picture I've seen of one. You can see how simple the framing is for this boat. Anyone with even passing skills at using hand tools can build one, and it'll turn out as a great sea boat and fun and inexpensive project.

Caladesi Carolina Dory Skiff Wooden Boat Plans

Randy Mills is putting this one together and he's obviously doing an excellent job. Thank you very much Randy for the picture. Looks like by Spring it should be ready to head out and have some real fun on the water.

Here's the info page on the Caladesi: 20' Caladesi Carolina Dory Easy-To-Build Boat Plans

- Jeff

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