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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seneca Power Dory Build and Review

I just got this email and pictures from a 14' Seneca Pacific Power Dory builder:

I ordered the plans to the Seneca back in the late fall and had a completed craft 3 weeks later. Currently i have had it in heavy use and putting it through some paces.

I initially used my 3.5hp 4 stroke to push it for a week and with obvious poor results switched to a 25hp evinrude which provides more than adequate power and usually makes people stare in shock at the speed of the little craft. The craft does not pound as bad as I thought in rough water (I think it is the slight attitude which seems to wedge the chop under the hull as it pushes ahead.)

A few changes. instead of 2x4 frames, I used clear grain white oak 1x3's, eastern red cedar for interior finish to keep weight off and provide a very tolerent species to exposure. wrapped the hull is bs1088 with4 coats of system 3 silver tip in 10oz glass, then coated with a graphite composite then coated the interior and out in PSX 700 (prev from Ameron now at PPG), then shot the exterior in a cranberry metal flake, also clear coated the cedar with psx then psx +awlgrip. Welded frames for the two center seats and rear seating which adds additional support to the transom and freeboard (and keeps the floor space clean and clear, nothing to step over.) I placed a large casting deck at the bow and filled 1/3 floor cavity with floatation foam.

Thanks for the good plans.

Review: boat handles very well, drifts great on the fly down the river and runs across the bigger lakes with confidence, sits atop the water well even in 2-3' swells, comes on plane quickly without too much bow rise and maintains a good attitude, even with a 25hp and me at the transom. & at the local ramp it was hard to get in or out of the water without 10 people coming over to check out the boat had to start adding an additional hour to our day plan. I'll will be taking it to the gulf in March for some Cobia fishing.

The first pic 85% done, 2nd pic is why I built it.


14' Seneca Pacific Power Dory Wooden Boat Plans

14' Seneca Pacific Power Dory Wood Boat Plans

Thank you Jonathan, for the review and pictures. You did a beautiful job there - And in only THREE WEEKS? Wow. Love the interior clear finished red cedar.

Here's the info page on the Seneca: 14' Seneca Pacific Power Dory Easy-To-Build Boat Plans

- Jeff

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