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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Kachemak Completed

Jack St Jean just finished this beautiful Kachemak 17' V-Bottom Carolina Dory. He did a great job. Jack also posted all of his detail construction pictures on my facebook page Spira Boats. Check them out of you are interested in building a boat like this. This is the perfect small fishing boat that can handle any kind of water from local lakes to coastal ocean use. While not as easy to build as their flat bottom cousins, they're certainly within the capabilities of most amateurs with a little woodwroking experience. In truth, the majority of my boats are built by people who have never built or even seen a boat built before.

Kachemak V-Bottom Dory Wooden Boat Plans

I put up a slideshow of different pictures Jack sent to me on the Kachemak web page. Have a look: Kachemak Information and Free Study Plans

- Jeff

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