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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bayou Jubilee Hull #1 Coming Together

Mark Vickers who has built two of my boats, an Oysterman and an Alaskan:

easy to build wooden boat plans

... is now putting together a new boat - an 18' x 5' flats fishing boat called the Bayou Jubilee. Obviously Mark knows what he's doing - he's a carpenter by trade, so is doing an excellent job, really fast too. His slide shows really show some great details on the fastest ways to do many of the tasks, like the fairing operation, especially up by the bow where some people have expressed concern.

Mark is blogging about his project, too. Check it out at: My Jubilee Blog Page

I plan to make the Bayou Jubilee plans available shortly. Just let me know if you're itching to get started on one to be ready for the spring season.

- Jeff

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