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Monday, September 6, 2010

New 13' Arrow Point Kayak Maiden Voyage

Lyle Heinsen for West Fargo North Dakota took his new Arrow Point Kayak on a small lake in the Detroit Lakes Minnesota area.

Here's what he wrote on Facebook:

Hi Jeff, I took my Arrow Point Kayak on it's maiden voyage yesterday on a small lake near Detroit Lakes, MN. It was great. A very nice boat and a thrill to paddle around. I too must say that it handles very well.

13' Arrow Point Stitch and Glus Fishing Kayak Wooden Boat Plans

Excellent job on your kayak Lyle! I grew up in Minnesota so know you don't have too much more time this year to have fun, but come spring, it should be a blast. Yah, you betcha!

Here's the Arrow Point information page: http://spirainternational.com/hp_arro.php

- Jeff

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