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MONDAY, JULY 5, 2010

New 14' Pescadero Carolina Dory Launched

Just got this pictures of a beautiful new 14' Pescadero Carolina dory skiff. The builder did a great job.

Pescadero Carolina Dory

Here's what the builder had to say...

I've finally finished my first build and got it on the water for a test drive. I got the plans from your website in October last year and have worked fairly steady since then. Needed to get her ready to go to Canada next week for a solid week of fishing. Its the Pescadero model and the plans were easy to read and use for a first build. I did end up using a cut out transom instead of the extended motor mount. I downloaded your ebook about building a wood boat and it was very helpful.

I am very pleased and will be building another boat sometime in the future. She performs and handles very well and planes at about 1/3 throttle with my 9.8 four stroke motor. The first test cruise was on the Ohio River.

Keep those cards and letters coming.... Especially the pictures!

- Jeff

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