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New 14' Canadian Home Built Drift Boat Completed

I just got this photo of a new, home built 14' Canadian drift boat. The builder did an excellent job:

Canadian Wooden Drift Boat Plans

The builder had this to say:

"Gave it a test run in a local pond yesterday. Took a minute to get the hang of it, but once comfortable I really enjoyed myself. Balance is very impressive and boat is extremely responsive. As long as you are easy on the oars it tracks well and also spins easy when needed. Stability is insane, I was a little worried because it is narrower then a lot of drift boats, but definitely a non issue. I put all of my 210 pounds to one side and didn't get much of a lean out of it.

Can't wait to get it on moving water.

I could not be happier and will buy plans from you again."

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