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Boatbuilding Web Site Update and New Stock Boat Plans

I've just updated the Spira International Easy To Build Boat Plans web site and added some new stock plans. You can now buy the Sitka 27' Pacific power dory plans, the Alamitos 15' vee-bottom dory plans, and the 13' Marsh Rat Duck hunting boat plans.

I also added a page about Custom Boat and Marine Equipment Design where I discuss my capabilities to design your semi-custom boat ideas, custom work boat, pleasure boat and yacht designs, marine facilities and equipment design, heavy load lifting and moving equipment and marine hydraulics systems and equipment. Stop by and take a look: Spira International Custom Boat and Marine Equipment Design.

I also added articles in the free articles section including: "Bearings for Seawater Immersion Use," "Portable Piers - How to Unload Ships Without Port Facilities," and "How to Move Massive Structures Using Hydraulics." You can check them out at: Boatbuilding Article Directory.

- Jeff

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