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Main Website Update and NEW BOAT plans

I just wanted to let everyone know that I recently updated the website to include free downloadable bills of material for all boats that I have them on. They're easily downloaded in pfd format using the button right next to the Fownload FREE study plans button on the description page of each boat. Where I do not have a bill of materials button, I don't yet have a materials list.

I've also added a new boat, the 17' Kachemak, a shrunk down version of my very popular 19' Hatteras vee bottom dory. Here's the first Hatteras finished last year and I know of quite a few more either done or nearing completion. Be sure to have a look at the Kachemak. I'm sure it'll be a great boat for many of you.

Kachemak v-bottom wood dory Boat Plans

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