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Dories for Rough Water Use

I get an e-mail almost every day about how tough the waters are wherever they are. They usually start with a statement like "Gee - here in Mississippi the wind blows over the lakes and wow does it ever it get rough...." as if that's the only place the water gets choppy. Well, unless you live in Tierra Del Fuego or on the Bearing Sea coast, you don't really get rough water. It may seem that way to you but take a look at this.

home built boat in rough seas Here's where the Coast Guard trains for rough water rescue at Cape Disappointment, the entrance to to Colombia River separating Washington and Oregon states. It's called "The Graveyard of Ships" for good reason.

The favored boat for such rough water use for sport and commercial fisherman in this part of the coast is the power dory. Whether you're launching through the surf, taking on passing barge wakes, hurtling down class 5 whitewater through the Grand Canyon, or taking on the gales of November on Gitchigoomie, dories will get the job done for you.

dories for rough water use

I recently published an article about why you should build a dory on my site and I'm uploading it to various article sites shortly called "Why You Should Build a Dory." Check it out at: http://spirainternational.com/a_whydories.html.

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