Plans to build the 23' [7.0 M] Ixtapa Super Panga

The Ixtapa is a big, burly Super Panga fishing boat that is suitable as commercial or sport fishing boat. It's at home in everything from fresh water lakes, to wide rivers, bays, and even offshore out in the slop. It's easily built, extremely capable and rugged in a wide variety of sea conditions and loads. As a bonus, the Ixtapa is economical and fast. Perfect for the modern saltwater or bigwater commercial fisherman, the Ixtapa offers rugged construction, a great ride, economical operation, and a huge load carrying capability. The 23' size is readily trailerable, easy to handle on the water, yet has ample room for for 6 to 8 with ease.

Photos of the Ixtapa Pangas

See pictures of Completed Ixtapa Pangas built by customers. Most are first time boat builds.

Pictures of Completed Ixtapa Pangas

Photos of the Ixtapa Pangas Under Construction

See pictures of Ixtapa Pangas under construction supplied by my customers. These show you how the boat goes together.

Pictures of Ixtapa Pangas Under Construction

Videos of the Ixtapa Pangas

See all videos available related to the Ixtapa Panga. Some are general videos, some construction, and some videos created by customers with the boat in use.

View Ixtapa Panga Related Videos

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23' [7.0 M] Ixtapa Panga

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23' [7.0 M] Ixtapa Panga

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About Pangas

Plans to build a panga fishing boat

The Panga is a type of modest-sized, open, outboard-powered, fishing boat common throughout much of the developing world, including Central America, the Caribbean, parts of Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia. Pangas are commonly operated directly off of beaches. The name comes from the upswept bow of the boat which resembles the machete or knife called a panga.

The panga design is a happy combination of a very efficient hull requiring minimal power, a hefty load carrying capability, and excellent seaworthiness, making them an ideal choice for commercial fishermen in developing countries requiring economical, but safe commercial operations. Though most pangas have solid fiberglass hulls, the basic design is readily adapted to glass/epoxy covered fiberglass over inexpensive dimensional lumber framing.



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