Plans to build the 17' [5.2M] Grander Drift Boat

This is the Grander, a decked over, double ender drift boat intended for shooting canyons where Class III and IV whitewater reign supreme. Styled after the dories that are regularly used to take thrill seekers down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, the Grander has everything it takes to handle the wildest water.

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Grander Drift Boat

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17' [5.2M] Grander Drift Boat

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17' [5.2M] Grander Drift Boat

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About Western Style McKenzie River Drift Boats

Plans to build a wooden drift boat

Western style drift boats, also known as McKenzie River drift boats, are the original, classic style, developed for wild river travel and fishing. With their extensive rocker and high sides, Western style drift boats are optimized for the wildest whitewater. They're intended for downstream drift fishing in fast moving water. The high rocker makes them ultra maneuverable in wild water where you only row to keep yourself pointed downstream. If you fish fast moving mountain rivers, rarely going ashore, and don't plan on going back upstream, pick a Western style drift boat.



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