Plans to build the 14' Arrow Point Kayak

I was out at Catalina Island fishing a beautiful kelp bed right at Arrow Point on the lee side of the island this winter with a fishin' buddy. As we were casting to the fringes of the kelp for the many reef species that inhabit this spot, he started telling me how much he wished he had a very stable kayak to slip right in on top of the kelp and fish the little gaps for the big Calico Bass that live there. Well, I don't need too many excuses to do a bit of what I love the most, boat designing, so I sketched him up this little fishing kayak design. This hull is built by the stitch and glue method, so should check in well under 50 lbs. It's a bit wider than most kayaks for wiggling about in while you fish, and the design includes floatation chambers at both ends, also, and a wide open cockpit so you don't need to be an expert in Eskimo rolling to get out if it flips over. You can toss in a little cooler full of adult beverages (hey, we're talking fishermen here) and tackle box, too. This would be a good gunning boat if you like to sneak up on ducks and geese, too. Plans include an easily built double paddle, too.

Arrow Point Kayak

Photos of the Arrow Point Kayak

Arrow Point Kayak

Arrow Point Kayak

Free Study Plans for the Arrow Point Kayak

Our study plans are two of the actual construction drawings. They're not enough information for you to build the boat, but they do give you the overall boat size, shape and construction methods. This is a pdf file readable with the free Adobe Acrobat pdf file reader.

Download Free Study Plans for the Arrow Point Kayak

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Building a wood kayak

About Home Built Kayaks

Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports -- and why not? It is a lot of fun. Modern sea kayaks are derived from seaworthy Eskimo boats, and are very safe and capable when used prudently. In my frequent crossings of the San Pedro Channel, 26 miles of open ocean, I often see groups of kayakers paddling across the channel to visit Catalina Island, a beautiful, rugged island with wide open spaces, small towns, trails, and campgrounds, in stark contrast to the high rises, factories, condos, power lines and freeways that occupy so much of the mainland coast. They cross 26 miles of open ocean that's over 3000 feet deep with a major shipping channel running right through the center of it. Whales, dolphins and Mako sharks up to 1000 lb are on constant patrol all over the channel. This shows you how capable these simple boats really are.

Sea kayaks are different from whitewater kayaks in that they are longer, easier to paddle and glide farther for each stroke of the paddle. Whitewater kayaks are designed only to be carried along in fast moving water. They're difficult to paddle and control in still water like you'd enounter in lake, pond, most river, bay and ocean conditions. These sea kayak styles are intended for all of that use, plus milder whitewater in rapid nmoving rivers. These kayaks may be used anywhere a light, maneuverable, safe boat is desired.



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