Seamanship and Boat Safety Course

Here's the elementary course that anyone who operates a boat in lakes, rivers, bays, or especially, the ocean needs to take.


Here's the overall look at all of the courses coming up. It includes how to get certified for the courses and download teh textbook.

Seamanship and Boat Safety Basics

Why might you want to learn Seamanship and Boating Safety? Well, watch this and it'll fill you in on why you shold want and need this information.

Boats, Boating and Nautical Terminology

Seamanship has its own set of terminology and language and if you want to play in that game, you'd better know how to speak the language.

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Boat Handling and Rules of the Road

Just like there are rules to the road when driving, there are also a complete set of use of the water, except there are

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Anchors and Anchoring

Why might you want to learn Seamanship and Boating Safety? Well, watch this and it'll fill you in on why you should want and need this information.

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VHF Usage and Etiquette

There are serious rules required for operating a vhf radio. What frequencies to use, how to talk on the radio, what is permitted and what is not. Where I live where they bands are crowded, the Coast guard reprimands people almost every hour for misusing the radio. Do it right, every time.

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Marine Weather

One of the worst things you can run into is foul weather. What do the weather reports mean? Can you look at the sky and predict what is about to happen? Yes.

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The Motion of the Ocean

Waves, chop, swells? How to these things happen, and how do you deal with them? How does a boat react to them. They're out there, always, sop you need to learn hiw to deal with them.

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Marlinspike Seamanship

Nothing makes grizzled old seaman laugh as hard is watching a neophyte who has no idea how, try to tie a knot needed for boat handling. There are only a few knots needed. Learn them, practice them and soon you'll not only look like a pro, but also use the right know for the right purpose.

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Boating Safety

How do you deal with the basics of safety on a boat. What gear do you need, and how do you handle it? These are the basics.

Course Materials and Certifications


Seamnanship Boat Safety Book

Here's the textbook for this course. You may download it for free:

download seamanship

You may also purchase it printed in paper. I'll sign it for you too. It is $15 plus shipping.

Certification Kit

You may take the course for FREE, however if you wish to take the tests, and receive this certification for competence that may be used with for your boat insurance deduction, you will need to purchase a Certification kit. The kit consists of tests that you will be required to take (they're open book, and open time frame) and send back to me for grading. If you don't pass, I'll send your test back to you for correction until, you get better than an 80% grade. Once you pass all of the tests you will receive this signed certification by email in pdf, certifying your seamanship and boat safety skills.

Seamnanship Boat Safety Cert

The Seamanship and Boating Safety Certification Kit is $35.