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FREE Plans to build the 12' Huntington Harbor Kayak

Huntington Harbor Kayak

I designed the Huntington Harbor to be a super easy and fast boat to knock together. It is designed around standard milled lumber available at any Home Depot or Lowes using polyurethane glue joints. You can build the Huntington Harbor for about $50 in materials and it will carry two people. There just isn't an easier or faster boat to build. The paddle plans are also included with the design.

FREE Construction Plans for the Huntington Harbor Kayak

To get you started in this fascinating boat building hobby, I am offering the complete construction plans for the Huntington Harbor absolutely free along with an easy to follow illustrated guide to walk you through the construction steps. All I ask is that of you build one, you send me photos of your project. Just right click on the image below and "Save Traget As..." to download it to your computer.

Download Free Plans for the Huntington Harbor Kayak

Mail, Phone or FAX Ordering Electronic or Printed Plans

If you wish to receive printed plans, or wish to pay by check, money order or credit card by mail, phone or FAX, just download the pdf order form and price list by clicking on the image below.

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Building a Wooden Boat

About Home Built Kayaks

Sea kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports -- and why not? It is a lot of fun. Modern sea kayaks are derived from seaworthy Eskimo boats, and are very safe and capable when used prudently. In my frequent crossings of the San Pedro Channel, 26 miles of open ocean, I often see groups of kayakers paddling across the channel to visit Catalina Island, a beautiful, rugged island with wide open spaces, small towns, trails, and campgrounds, in stark contrast to the high rises, factories, condos, power lines and freeways that occupy so much of the mainland coast. They cross 26 miles of open ocean that's over 3000 feet deep with a major shipping channel running right through the center of it. Whales, dolphins and Mako sharks up to 1000 lb are on constant patrol all over the channel. This shows you how capable these simple boats really are.

Sea kayaks are different from whitewater kayaks in that they are longer, easier to paddle and glide farther for each stroke of the paddle. Whitewater kayaks are designed only to be carried along in fast moving water. They're difficult to paddle and control in still water like you'd enounter in lake, pond, most river, bay and ocean conditions. These sea kayak styles are intended for all of that use, plus milder whitewater in rapid nmoving rivers. These kayaks may be used anywhere a light, maneuverable, safe boat is desired.